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Secluded Hideaway

Established in 2017, Offa’s Pitch Glamping is aimed at couples seeking a secluded hideaway from which to explore the surrounding countryside, itself designated an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’. Ideal for mini moon holidays and couples glamping with hot tubs. 

Lying in a small valley overlooked by open hillside fields and woodland copses with far-reaching views. Glamping in Shropshire is truly a wonderful location for hot tub breaks. 

Escape to Nature

Here in the Upper Clun Valley there is little or no through traffic and the wildlife remains relatively undisturbed. With some forethought, the chances of spotting nervous creatures such as Fallow and Roe deer are much higher than the average, particularly around the nearby Blakeridge Wood.

You’ll see all the birds that you might expect and others, such as the Curlew, which are becoming a rare sight. Buzzards are a common sight in the skies and roadside trees and mixed flocks of Redpolls and Linnets are often seen around the farmlands in late autumn and winter. Glamping Shropshire has it all! 

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Canopy of Stars

With no street lighting for miles around, on a moonless night you’ll struggle to see your hand in front of your face. All our external lighting is PIR activated and on short timings to keep lighting levels to an absolute minimum. 

This level of darkness means that on cloudless nights there is a really great opportunity to do some stargazing.

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Even the seemingly never ending daily hard work of sheep farming is largely offset by the peace and tranquility of the scenery.

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